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DBEs that Straddle two Fiscal Years

Payroll 2018001 straddles two Fiscal Years, because it spans from 6/25/17 to 7/8/17.
FY18 starts on 7/1/2017. FY18 DBEs will be available to enter on Monday, July 3, 2017.

    BEFORE JULY 3, 2017

If you enter a DBE before FY18 is available, and the position’s funding is changing as of July 1, please use the 7/1/2017 effective date. When FY17 DBEs are rolled over into FY18, it will roll forward with the desired funding source.

    AFTER JULY 3, 2017

Both FY17 and FY18 will be available for DBEs to be entered.

If an employee starts on 6/25/2017, and they should be paid for the entire Payroll 2018001 with that same chartstring, since FY17 has already rolled into FY18, you would need to go into both Fiscal Years and update the DBE on the position.

Payroll 2018001:
A) 6/25/17 – 6/30/17 in FY17
B) 7/1/17 – 7/8/17 in FY18

    AFTER JULY 3, 2017 – New Funding starting at new Fiscal Year

If an new grant funding source should start on 7/1/2017, and only a portion of Payroll 2018001 should be on the new grant, please enter the effective date 7/1/2017 in FY18.