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9.2 Security Instructions

1a) Save / Print the PeopleSoft Finance Access Form for Individual 9.2 to your computer.

1b) Complete Form, get signatures, mail to AD412 or AD413

2) The top portion of the Security Access Form can be completed by the employee, as shown here:

Date: is the current date
Reason for submitting the form, please X the box next to the explanation.

PeopleSoft Dept. Number and Description — please ask your supervisor what department you work under.
Full Name – complete this information.
Employee id–please ask your supervisor, payroll preparer, or see your timesheet for this information.
User Name(alias)–this is the information before the of your email address.
CAMPUS ID (alpha-numeric code on Campus id Card)
Location (Building/Room number) –please ask your supervisor

3) The “General Inquiry Access” gives Inquiry access to the General Ledger, AP, Payments, PeopleSoft Reports, Grant Inquiry or Reports.

The next section gives you access to specific departments to ENTER Transactions online:


Department Security –please ask your supervisor which departments or list of departments you should be able to enter a transaction.
Requisition Entry (for Departments above):

  • “Create Requisition selecting ‘own’ name as Requester” is access to ENTER Requisitions with themselves as a Requester.
  • “Create Requisition selecting ‘additional names’ as Requester” is access to ENTER Requisitions for others’ names as a requester. Optionally, there is “Update Names” that requires Page 2.

Enter Receipts: — “Enter Receipts” is access to Receive on Goods/Services.

Payment Request –this access will allow access to ENTER Payment Request for the above department(s). The PeopleSoft 9.2 Payment Requests will replace specific items listed here that were previously paper to Business Services.


Journal Entry –this access will allow access to ENTER journal entries online after related training.
Budget Transfers –this access will allow access to ENTER Budget Transfers online after related training.

4) Additional Access or Courtesy Information:

Principal Investigator – although UMBC’s Office of Sponsored Programs will be using Kuali for pre-award, PeopleSoft Finance contains the post-award information.

Courtesy FYI: The items listed in this section will inform you where to go if you need them, as they are not granted on this form, but a FAQ of our office.
Property Custodian–granted only if you are a Property Custodian confirmed by Asset Management Dept. Access will allow Viewing Inventory, Access Inventory Reports, Update ‘Location’ for Inventory.


5) Please obtain signatures on bottom of Security Form and mail originals to AD412 or AD413.
6) This link with Page 2 is required if box is checked for “Update names on Page 2” for Requisition Entry.