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Financial Services Forms

Finance Transaction Forms

Journal Entry Request Form
Journal Entry Helpful Hints (Online or Paper Journals)
R*STARS Notice Form

PeopleSoft Forms (Finance / Commitment Accounting)

PeopleSoft Finance Security Access Form
Payroll Distribution Calendar with Processing Dates for FY 2018
PeopleSoft Retro Transaction Change Instructions
PeopleSoft Retro Transaction Change Form
Project Request Form
(DBE) Dept. Earnings Distribution Change

Accounts Payable Forms

Meal / Food Policy & Form [Review POLICY Page 1-5, PRINT Form Page 6]

Moving Expense Form
NRA Forms
Payment Request Form
Petty Cash Form
Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificate
Travel / Misc. Expense Reimbursement Request
W-9 Request Form
X-10 Vendor EFT/ACH Registration Form

Travel Forms

*****Instructions for UPDATED Authorized Signature Form*****
*****UPDATED Signature Authorization Form*****

Travel / Misc. Expense Reimbursement Request
E-Travel Request Form


Plant Accounting & Inventory Forms


Working Fund Forms

Internal Control Procedures
MOU Petty Cash Change Funds
Reconciliation of Funds Disbursed
Signature Authority Sheet
Stop Payment Request Form
UMBC Working Fund Travel Advance Form
Working Fund Application for Employee/Travel Advance
Working Fund Check Request
Working Fund Check Cash Transaction

Student Business Services

Cashiers Deposit Transmittal
Off Campus Billing Request


Non-Standard Program Form
Sponsor Info for Correction/Change
Tax Determination Letters of Exempt Organizations