Plant Accounting & Inventory Control

Plant Accounting oversees inventory, debt management, and all aspects of capital projects.
Albert Smith
Manager 410-455-3044
Office 420
Tina Brown
Accountant 410-455-8078
Office 415
Britany Davis Inventory Control 410-455-1716
Office 415

I. Policies and Procedures

  1. UMBC Policies Website
  2. UMBC Policy for Capital Equipment
  3. Sensitive Equipment
    1. Sensitive equipment is defined as:
      1. Computer equipment less than $5,000.00 per unit which includes
        1. Desktops
        2. Laptops
        3. iPads, Tablets
      2. Audio Visual Equipment with a cost greater that $1,000.00 and less than $5,000.00 per unit.
      3. Firearms less than $5,000.00
      4. Motor Vehicles less than $5,000.00
    2. Physical Inventory for Sensitive is completed every three years.  Department’s Property Custodian is responsible for completing the Sensitive Equipment Inventory.
  4.  Acquisition of Participant Owned Sensitive Equipment in accordance with the terms of a Sponsored Award

II. Inventory Control Forms

The following forms are available in DocuSign for a more streamlined electronic signing process: Addition, Disposition, Listed Incorrectly, Lost, Recorded in Error, Stolen, Traded-In, Transfer, Vendor Replacement of Equipment.

  1. Click here to begin the DocuSign/RT process.
  2. Choose the appropriate selection in the Reason for Adjustment dropdown menu.
  3. Click here to check the custodian and approver name (if applicable) for a department in the custodian list. You can also find this list by looking at the useful links on the top right of the DocuSign page.
  4. After entering the names, look up the department by the department number or name. After selecting the department from the list, click the Next button.
  5. The forms will populate with the necessary fields and prompt you with required fields. There may be attachments required. The link to add attachments can be found at the bottom of the form.
  6. When complete, submit for approval.
For a more detailed explanation of the process, please click here for details.
For general information on how to use DocuSign, please click here for details.
For information on how to attach documents to an AiM Customer Request when requesting a work order for asset disposal, please click here for details.

The following form is excepted separately from the rest:

  1. Off Campus Loan Form

III. Property Custodian

The property custodian list can be found here.

IV. Asset Management Training for Property Custodians

Inventory Training is being held the second wednesday of each month.  Go to training to register ITraining · myUMBC


FY2023 Sensitive Inventory Cycle 

FY23 Sensitive Equipment Inventory Campus Announcement to Property Custodians

University of Maryland Baltimore County Campus Schedule of FY23 Sensitive Equipment Physical Inventory

V. PAW Procurement System and Asset Mgmt Impact