NSF HERD Survey Science Codes and Examples

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Updated FY2020 NSF Science Code Science Code Description
A.01-2016 Computer and Information Sciences
Examples Artificial intelligence
Computer and information technology administration and management
Computer science
Computer software and media applications
Computer systems analysis
Computer systems networking and telecommunications
Data processing
Information sciences, studies
Information technology
B.01-2016 Aerospace, Aeronautical, and Astronautically Engineering – Engineering
Examples Aerodynamics
Aerospace engineering
Space technology
B.02-2016 Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering – Engineering
Examples Biological and biosystems engineering
Biomaterials engineering
Biomedical technology
Medical engineering
B.03-2016 Chemical Engineering – Engineering
Examples Biochemical engineering
Chemical and biomolecular engineering
Engineering chemistry
Paper science
Petroleum refining process
Polymer, plastics engineering
B.04-2016 Civil Engineering – Engineering
Examples Architectural engineering
Construction engineering
Engineering management, administration
Environmental, environmental health engineering
Geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering
Sanitary engineering
Structural engineering
Surveying engineering
Transportation and highway engineering
Water resources engineering
B.05-2016 Electrical, Electronic, and Communications Engineering – Engineering
Examples Communications engineering
Computer engineering
Computer hardware engineering
Computer software engineering
Electrical and electronics engineering
Laser and optical engineering
Telecommunications engineering
B.06-2016 Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering – Engineering
Examples Industrial engineering
Manufacturing engineering
Operations research
Systems engineering
B.07-2016 Mechanical Engineering – Engineering
Examples Electromechanical engineering
Mechatronics, robotics, and automation engineering
B.08-2016 Metallurgical and Materials Engineering – Engineering
Examples Ceramic sciences and engineering
Geophysical, geological engineering
Materials engineering
Metallurgical engineering
Mining and mineral engineering
Textile sciences and engineering
B.09-2016 Other Engineering – Engineering
Examples Agricultural engineering
Engineering design
Engineering mechanics, physics, and science
Engineering physics
Engineering science
Forest engineering
Naval architecture and marine engineering
Nuclear engineering
Ocean engineering
Petroleum engineering
Other engineering fields that cannot be classified using the fields listed above
C.01-2016 Atmospheric Science and Meteorology – Geosciences, Atmospheric, and Ocean Sciences
Examples Aeronomy
Atmospheric chemistry and climatology
Atmospheric physics and dynamics
Extraterrestrial atmospheres
Weather modification
C.02-2016 Geological and Earth Sciences – Geosciences, Atmospheric, and Ocean Sciences
Examples Earth and planetary sciences
Geodesy and gravity
Geophysics and seismology
Hydrology and water resources
Minerology and petrology
Physical geography
Stratigraphy and sedimentation
C.03-2016 Ocean Sciences and Marine Sciences – Geosciences, Atmospheric, and Ocean Sciences
Examples Biological oceanography
Geological oceanography
Marine biology
Marine oceanography
Marine sciences
Oceanography, chemical andphysical
C.04-2016 Other Geosciences, Atmospheric and Ocean Sciences – Geosciences, Atmospheric, and Ocean Sciences
Examples Other fields that cannot be classified using the fields listed above
D.01-2016 Agricultural Sciences – Life Sciences
Examples Agricultural business andmanagement
Agricultural chemistry
Agricultural engineering—report in Engineering
Agricultural production operations
Animal sciences
Applied horticulture and horticultural business services
Food science and technology
International agriculture
Plant sciences
Soil sciences
Veterinary biomedical and clinical sciences
Wood science
D.02-2016 Biological and Biomedical Sciences – Life Sciences
Examples Allergies and immunology
Biochemistry, biophysics, andmolecular biology
Biology and biomedical sciences, general
Biomathematics, bioinformatics, and computational biology
Botany and plant biology
Cell, cellular biology, and anatomical sciences
Epidemiology, ecology and population biology
Foods, nutrition, and wellness studies
Microbiological sciences and immunology
Molecular medicine
Neurobiology and neuroscience
Pharmacology and toxicology
Physiology, pathology and related sciences
Zoology, animal biology
D.03-2016 Health Sciences – Life Sciences
Examples Advanced, graduate dentistryand oral sciences
Allied health and medical assisting services
Bioethics, medical ethics
Clinical medicine research
Clinical/medical laboratory science/research and allied professions
Communication disorders sciences and services
Dietetics and clinical nutrition services
Health and medical administrative services
Health, medical preparatory programs
Gerontology, health sciences
Kinesiology and exercise science
Medical clinical science, graduate medical studies
Medical illustration and informatics
Mental health
Osteopathic medicine, osteopathy
Pharmacy, pharmaceutical sciences, and administration
Podiatric medicine, podiatry
Public health
Radiological science
Registered nursing, nursing administration, nursing research and clinical nursing
Rehabilitation and therapeutic professions
Veterinary medicine
D.04-2016 Natural Resources and Conservation – Life Sciences
Examples Fishing and fisheries sciences and management
Natural resources conservation and research
Natural resources management and policy
Renewable natural resources
Wildlife and wildlands science and management
D.05-2016 Other Life Sciences – Life Sciences
Examples Other life sciences that cannotbe classified using the fields listed above
E.01-2016 Mathematics and Statistics
Examples Applied mathematics
F.01-2016 Astronomy and Astrophysics – Physical Sciences
Examples Astronomy
Planetary astronomy and science
F.02-2016 Chemistry – Physical Sciences
Examples (except Biochemistry—report in Biological and Biomedical Sciences)
Analytical chemistry
Chemical physics
Environmental chemistry
Forensic chemistry
Inorganic chemistry
Organic chemistry
Organo-metallic chemistry
Physical chemistry
Polymer chemistry
Theoretical chemistry
F.03-2016 Materials Science – Physical Sciences
Examples Materials chemistry
Materials science
F.04-2016 Physics – Physical Sciences
Examples Acoustics
Atomic, molecular physics
Condensed matter andmaterials physics
Elementary particle physics
Mathematical physics
Optics, optical sciences
Plasma, high-temperature physics
Theoretical physics
F.05-2016 Other Physical Sciences – Physical Sciences
Examples Other physical sciences thatcannot be classified using the fields listed above
G.01-2016 Psychology
Examples Clinical psychology
Counseling and applied psychology
Human development
Research and experimental psychology
H.01-2016 Anthropology – Social Sciences
Examples Cultural anthropology
Medical anthropology
Physical and biological anthropology
H.02-2016 Economics – Social Sciences
Examples Applied economics
Agricultural economics
Business development
Development economics andinternational development
Econometrics and quantitative economics
Industrial economics
International economics
Labor economics
Managerial economics
Natural resources economics
Public finance and fiscal policy
H.03-2016 Political Science and Government – Social Sciences
Examples Comparative government
Legal systems
Political economy
Political science
Political theory
H.04-2016 Sociology, Demography, and Population Studies – Social Sciences
Examples Comparative and historical sociology
Complex organizations
Cultural and social structure
Demography and population studies
Group interactions
Rural sociology
Social problems and welfare theory
H.05-2016 Other Social Sciences – Social Sciences
Examples Archeology
Area, ethnic, cultural, gender,and group studies
Criminal science and corrections
Gerontology, social sciences
History and philosophy of science and technology
International relations and national security studies
Public policy analysis
Regional studies
Urban studies, affairs
I.01-2016 Other Sciences
Examples Use this category for R&D that involves at least one S&E field (A–H) if it is impossible to report multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary R&D expenditures in specific fields.
J.01-2016 Business Management and Business Administration
Examples Business administration
Business management
Business, managerial economics
Management information systems and services
Marketing management and research
J.02-2016 Communication and Communications Technologies
Examples Communication and media studies
Communications technologies
Radio, television, and digital communication
J.03-2016 Education
Examples Education administration and supervision
Education research
Teacher education, specific levels and methods
Teaching fields
J.04-2016 Humanities
Examples English language and literature,letters
Foreign languages and literatures
History, not including history and philosophy of science and technology
Humanities, general
Liberal arts and sciences
Philosophy and religious studies
Theology and religious vocations
J.05-2016 Law
Examples Law
Legal studies
J.06-2016 Social Work
Examples (no specific examples)
J.07-2016 Visual and Performing Arts
Examples Drama, theatre arts and stagecraft
Film, video, and photographic arts
Fine and studio arts
J.08-2016 Other Non-S&E Fields
Examples Architecture
City, urban, community andregional planning
Family, consumer sciences and human sciences
Landscape architecture
Library science
Military technology and applied science
Parks, sports, recreation, leisure and fitness
Public administration and public affairs
Other non-S&E fields that cannot be classified using the fields listed above
Also, use this category for R&D that involves multiple non-S&E fields if it is impossible to report multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary R&D expenditures in specific fields.