Individual Security Access Instructions

Click here to go to the Individual Security Access form. (If you select everything, it is probably a mistake)


Access to see transaction details, gain PCard access, enter Requisitions, Payment Requests, Journals, Budget Transfers, or to certify effort as a Principal Investigator.

The form is to be filled out by the user requesting access or removal of access. The form is signed by the user and then reviewed by the supervisor for signature approval.

How to fill out this form:

To request access, please go here to fill out a new form. Enter the name and email of the supervisor of the individual this form is being entered for. Make sure it is their UMBC email address. If being entered on behalf of someone else, enter their campus ID in the On Behalf Of ID area. Click next to be led into the form.

Once in the form, enter the location information (building and room number) for the individual who’s access is changing. Select the reason for the access change. List all department numbers. Select the appropriate checkboxes next to each access area that needs to be added or removed. Leave them unchecked if their access is to remain the same for that area.

At the bottom where the authorization area is, sign your name next to the requester area. At the top click finish.

The form will be moved to the supervisor for review and approval, before it will be sent to the PS Finance Admins and Paw Procurement Admins for review and approval. They will approve once the access has been changed.

Access Types:

Department Security: Please ask your supervisor which departments or list of departments you should be able to enter a transaction.

General Inquiry: The “General Inquiry Access” gives Inquiry access to the General Ledger, AP, Payments, PeopleSoft Reports, Grant Inquiry or Reports.

Requisition and Payment Request Requester: In the Paw Procurement System, be able to submit the requisition for departments listed above on behalf of the shopper. Be able to enter Payment Requests for the departments listed above.  IMPORTANTDo not select this box if the user will be an APPROVER for the department. Another form in addition to this one will be needed for departmental approvers. One form or the other will be denied if both roles are selected.

PCard Access: Check this when you need access to reallocate or view transactions on a PCard. You will also need to submit forms to Procurement as well, which can be found here: PCARD Forms.

Journal Entry: This access will allow access to enter journal entries online after related training.

Budget Transfers: This access will allow access to enter Budget Transfers online after related training.

Principal Investigator: This access will allow principal investigators to certify Effort Reports (not common for regular staff; typically faculty on sponsored research awards).

Additional Access or Courtesy Information:

Principal Investigator: Although UMBC’s Office of Sponsored Programs will be using Kuali for pre-award, PeopleSoft Finance contains the post-award information.

Property Custodian: granted only if you are a Property Custodian confirmed by Asset Management Dept. Access will allow Viewing Inventory, Access Inventory Reports, Update ‘Location’ for Inventory. Property Custodian Access: please submit Custodian Form to Asset Management. Access is granted with the form and after Property Custodian Training.


If you would like to know the status of your submitted forms or if you have any questions about this process, please feel free to reach out to us via RT as well.