Security FAQ

Inactivity Emails from PeopleSoft Finance

We received some inquiries about upcoming PS Finance account locks.  Thank you for reporting them.

UMBC follows a practice of locking user accounts with access to administrative systems like PeopleSoft Finance after 365 days of inactivity. Courtesy email reminders are sent from the system within 60, 30, and 7 days prior to the account being locked. The emails will not ask you to click on anything.

  • If access is no longer needed, the automated process can lock the account at the scheduled interval without action on your part.
  • To retain access, simply go to myUMBC, and from the “GUIDE” banner, click on “PeopleSoft: Finance.” This simple LOGIN step will reset the count for another 365 days.


The email looks like this email.




Q. On the Departmental Security Access form, should we still list everyone who needs to have access even if they already have access?
A. No, going forward you only need to list those who’s access is being added or removed. This should simplify the form in that you do not need to remember to list everyone else.

Q. What about Primary and Secondary approvers?
A. Primary and secondary approvers will no longer be utilized going forward. In the Paw Procurement System, there is a way to designate an approver on your behalf if you are out of the office. This replaces many of the secondary approver functionality.

Q. On the Departmental Security Access form, I used to be able to list multiple departments, but now I can only select one at at time?
A. Because we had to introduce a workflow to allow for the form to be approved by the department, we had to narrow the department field down to one department. Please submit one form for each department.

General Security

Q. I need a Security Forms if I only enter E-Travel?
A. No, any employee on campus can enter E-Travel without a Security Form.

Q. Can I be listed as Entry AND Approver on these security forms?
A. No—for Requisition or Payment Request
A. Yes—for Journal Entry, Budget Transfer, E-Travel. The caveat is that you cannot approve for self.

Payment Request

Q. What old fashioned paper forms are replaced with the Payment Request Form?
A. There is full list here, with details for the new business process.

Journal Entry

Q. Do I need to enter Journals (JE’s) online in 9.2?
A. Yes.

Q. Where so I designate someone as a Journal Entry Approver?
A. Please review the instructions here.

Budget Transfers

Q. Do I need to enter Budget Transfers online in 9.2?
A. Yes, reach out to the Budget Office for training.

Q. Do I need to enter Budget Transfers for Grants?
A. No, contact OCGA if here are any budget questions on restricted funds.

Q. Where so I designate someone as a Budget Transfer Approver?
A. Please review the instructions and restrictions here.