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PS Finance Security 9.2 FAQ

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General Security Questions
General Workflow / Notifications by Module
Requisition Entry/Page 2 or Requisition Approval
Payment Request
Journal Entry
Budget Transfers


General Security

Q. I need a Security Forms if I only enter E-Travel?

A. No, any employee on campus can enter E-Travel without a Security Form.

Q. Can I be listed as Entry AND Approver on these security forms?
A. No—for Requisition
A. Yes—for Journal Entry, Budget Transfer, E-Travel. The caveat is that you cannot approve for self.

Requisition Entry/Page 2

    Q. I want to keep the same list of names to select for Requisition, should I check the box “Keep Existing” for Requisition Entry?
    A. Yes.

Q. Should I submit a Page 2 for Requisition Entry?
A. Only submit Page 2 if you would like to add / remove employees on list to select for Requisition.

Q. How do I know the names that I currently have in 8.9 to see if I should add/remove any?
A. Access a Requisition page in PeopleSoft Finance.Go to the magnifying glass on the Requisition screen that looks like this:
The list that appears in the magnifying glass will be a current list of names that can be selected for a Requisition.

Q. Can you send me a 3R’s Form that we submitted ?
A. It is best to use the above link or reference your own copy of the 3Rs form.

Q. How do I get to this navigation?
A. Add/Update Requisitions>Add> this field is on the Requisition screen. If you cannot get to this screen, you do not need Page 2.

Q. Can I designate a new Requisition Approver on this Department Online Approval for PeopleSoft Form?
A. Yes, as long as they have an active PeopleSoft Finance Account.

Payment Request

Q. What old fashioned paper forms are replaced with the new 9.2 Payment Request Form?
A. There is full list here, with details for the new 9.2 business process.

Journal Entry

    • Q. Do I need to enter Journals (JE’s) online in 9.2?


    • A. Yes.

Q. If I entered Journals online in 8.9, will I get to keep my access?
A. There are new features, so please complete the form be sure to X the Add column for Journal Entry.

Q. Where so I designate someone as a Journal Entry Approver?
A. Please review the instructions here.

Budget Transfers

    • Q. Do I need to enter Budget Transfers online in 9.2?


    • A. Yes, but Budget Transfers are not nearly as popular as Journal Entries, but it is a useful tool for some colleges/units.

Q. Do I need to enter Budget Transfers for Grants?
A. No, contact OCGA if here are any budget questions on restricted funds.

Q. Where so I designate someone as a Budget Transfer Approver?
A. Please review the instructions and restrictions here.


    • Q. Where so I designate someone as an E-Travel Approver?


    • A. Please review the instructions and restrictions


Q. Where can I find more about E-Travel?
More information for E-Travel is located here, including instructions, policy and procedures.