New Account FY22: 6010114 DRAFT

Procedure for Payroll Account 6010114 “Contractual Faculty (Non-Instruction)”
Date: June 2021

Departments use “Payroll Accounts” to categorize the human resources of the University. The Payroll accounts in Finance are summarized compared to the detailed information within the Human Resource system.

Prior to FY2022, the account 6010111 – Contractual Faculty  served multiple purposes related to concurrent pay, including administrative stipends, and additional pay for campus.

For FY2022, the original account will continue to be available, while an additional account will be available to segregate the “concurrent positions”.

6010111 – Contractual Faculty
Will be used for benefit eligible positions within Human Resources when the payment is related to providing direct instruction.
6010114 – Contractual Fac. (Non-Instruction)
Will be used for concurrent, non-benefit eligible positions within Human Resources when the payment is not related to providing direct instruction.

Using this account will make training, administrative stipends, and other non-teaching related compensation actions more transparent to those reconciling payroll.   Creation of this account will *not* override that the position is non-benefit eligible.

Any specific type of summer pay, i.e. pay on grants, administrative stipends, additional pay for campus-wide service   I refer to faculty pays on concurrent positions as additional compensation. stipends for Title IX ?


Does this account 6010114 override the attributes of the position and prevent Benefits ?

No.   The prerequisite step is to ensure that the concurrent position has the attributes of a non-benefit eligible position.  Then use this account on the DBE in FY22.