Asset Management Training/Inventory Control

V. Asset Management Training For Property Custodians

This course is for all UMBC Property Custodians and support staff with emphasis on:

  1. Understanding Inventory Procedures and Policies (Sensitive & Capital)
  2. Updating equipment locations
  3. Adding any comments about the equipment that is helpful to your department
  4. Receiving your Sensitive and Capital Inventory Report for review:Sensitive Inventory Cycle/Capital Inventory Cycle.

Asset Management Training July 01, 2022

Custodian Hands on Training 09 01 2022

Note: You must have a PeopleSoft Finance login ID and password in order to participate in the class.

If you have an existing PeopleSoft Finance account, when you sign up for “Asset Management Training”, you will be granted access to the specific departments that you are responsible for as a Property Custodian. This access is granted just prior to the Training class.

If you DO NOT have an existing PeopleSoft Finance account, please complete the Individual Security Access Form. If you only need access as a Property Custodian, please mark “General Inquiry Access” in ADD Column on the Form. This box plus attending the class with Asset Management group will grant access to this module.

The form needs to be received by Financial Services at least 48 hours before the training session.