Change Dept on Unrestricted Project

Departments in PeopleSoft Systems are integrated with many areas, so when a College or Unit decides to modify the department for a project, there are some steps to take to make it as clean as possible.

  • Open an RT Ticket RT Ticket for requesting the Department be changed from “Old” to “New”
  • Finance – Journals are needed to clear the department to be zero
  • SBS- Finance 3rd Floor – Please update any forms with old Department that may be provided for Departmental Deposits or Working Fund.
  • Billing– If this department is used for any internal campus billing, such as Phone charges or Facility Management Charges, please contact the billing departments.
  • Payroll– Payroll Preparer will need to update the funding Source for any positions using the “Old” Department to “New” Department using online DBEs.
  • Budget Office – If needed, please update your Budget Worksheet before submitting them to Budget office.
  • Student Related Items – If this department is used for any fees or items on campus, please open an RT ticket, so Financial Services can work with Student Administration: RT Ticket

Reporting – REX Finance reports will show activity for both departments. REX will stop displaying the “Old” Department in the new Fiscal Year assuming the amounts are 0.00 on EVERY account related to the “Old Department/Project Combination” and AFTER the Fiscal Year has been closed.


Updated November 15, 2021