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PS Finance 9.2 Impact on HR Combo. Codes:

PeopleSoft Finance 9.2 upgrade had an impact on HR Combination codes. The number of fields are reduced :


Old Project Chartstring in HR
Fund + Department ID + Prog Fin + Account + UMBC1 + Project + Activity + SAL + SAL
New 9.2 Project Chartstring in HR
Fund + Department ID + Prog Fin + Account + Project


What department should I contact with questions?

What does this shorter chartstring mean for Positions on projects or grants?

  • When it is time to update the DBE, you will be required to use the *NEW HR COMBO CODES*, so please search by the fields rather than the HR Combo code. Fields being= Fund + Department ID + Prog Fin + Account + Project

Will Payroll Distribution run for my old project or grant chartstrings?

  • Yes, old project or grant chartstrings will continue to work for Payroll Distribution.

When I do a Retro, will I need to call to have the combo codes reactivated.

  • No, they will be active for Retros.

Were HR Combo codes for State funds or funds with NO projects impacted?

  • Yes, as we work towards auto-populating Prog Fin, the HR Combo codes were updated to reflect the purpose of the departments.
  • These discussions took place throughout calendar year 2017- if you need information, please contact us.
  • Changes started 4/17/18

Why are there boxes around my combination codes on Gross Pay Report?

  • The boxes mean the combinations are inactive. The next time you do a DBE, you will select the active combination and the box will go away. No need to rush for now.