Tracking of COVID Expenses in FY22:

As the UMBC Community gradually returns to the campus,  the expectation is that there will be a decrease in COVID Expenses as compared to the start of the Pandemic.  The majority of the COVID Projects opened at the start of the Pandemic will be inactivated for the start of FY22.

The expenses expected in the future will be specifically related to COVID protection and prevention.  Although there will be a requirement to TRACK these expenses, in most cases, there will NOT be an extra pool of funds to be reimbursed.

COVID Expenses Accounts:

Anticipating that Dean’s Offices or Business Centers may need detailed accounts to track Expenses, new accounts were created:

  • 7081621 – COVID Cleaning, Sanitizing Costs
  • 7091121 – COVID Test Supplies, Equipment
  • 7091421 – COVID PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
  • 7099921 – COVID Technology Equipment & Training related to on-line education transition

REX Reports:

For State Funds and Auxiliary Funds, the “Budget to Actual Report” (View Here) report can be used to view summary information and drill down to detailed expenses.

Please note, the COVID Projects were inactivated for FY22, and for historical information the “Self Support Report” (View Here) may be run.

Webpage updated 7.26.21