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DBEs – Straddle two Fiscal Years

Payroll 2020-001 straddles two Fiscal Years, because it spans from 6/23/19 to 7/6/19. FY20 starts on 7/1/2019.

New Funding starting at the start of 2020-001

Both FY19 and FY20 will be available for DBEs on July 1, 2019.

After FY20 is available, if an employee starts on 6/23/19, and they should be paid for the entire Payroll 2020-001 with that same chartstring, you would need to go into both Fiscal Years and update the funding on the position on both DBEs:

Payroll 2020-001 :
A) 6/23/19* in FY19 (*6/9/19 for HRL)
B) 7/1/19 in FY20

For online DBE users, press the + key and create a new 7/1/2019 row in the FY20 DBE.  The highest effective dated row will be what is distributed.

New Funding starting at new Fiscal Year

    •    If new grant funding source starts on 7/1/2019, which is a portion of Payroll 2020-001, please enter the effective date 7/1/2019 in FY20.

Press the + key and create a new 7/1/2019 row in the FY20 DBE.

If you enter DBEs for FY20 before July 1, 2019 with a date of 7/1/19, the system automatically carries the DBE into FY20.