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Departmental Scholarship

This Departmental Scholarship webpage is designed to supplement the information available on the Financial Aid Departmental website, which outlines the enrollment details for the Departmental Scholarships.  For Department Scholarship enrollment information and forms, please visit: Financial Aid Department Website.

Throughout the Fiscal Year, the Department Scholarship Project 00005145 should be reviewed for deficit balances.

The REX Finance Report will show YOUR Department ID under the Project 00005145 if there is a student Departmental Scholarship expense.

Financial Aid charges the Departmental Expense to:

Fund:               1113
Department:    1xxxx (depending on the department code)
Progfin:            171
Account:          7129900
Proj Bus Unit:  UMBC1
Project:            00005145
Activity ID:        MAIN

As it states on the Financial Aid Webpage, if the funding is coming from a different source, the department must transfer funds timely via a journal entry. Scholarship expense (7129900) should be debited in the funding source and credited to the chartstring given above.

CREDIT – 1113, 1xxxx, 171, 7129900, UMBC1, 00005145, MAIN
DEBIT –    1111, 1xxxx, 171, 7129900 (This may be your State Funds or other project funds.)


Locate the details of the Student Information:

  • Self-Support and Aux. Project Report in REX Finance.  Look for Project 00005145
  • When running the report, the REX Finance Expense column allows for drill down to see the Student information.
    • If you do not recognize the student, please reach out to Financial Aid.
    • If you do recognize the student, please complete the Journal timely.


Scholarships must be covered by the end of the semester which the scholarship is applied.