Departmental Scholarship

Updated July 2021:

This Departmental Scholarship webpage is designed to supplement the information available on the Financial Aid Departmental website, which outlines the enrollment details for the Departmental Scholarships.  For more information on enrollment, please visit: Financial Aid Department Website.

Throughout the Fiscal Year, the Department Scholarship Project 00005145 should be reviewed for deficit balances.   REX Finance Report will show  YOUR  Department ID under the Project 00005145 if there is a student Departmental Scholarship expense.

1113, “YOUR” Department, 171, 7129900, UMBC1, 00005145, MAIN

Scholarships Reimbursed from USM Foundation

If a Scholarship is being Reimbursed by the USM Foundation:

  1. Submit the expenses to the USM Foundation.  Please follow USM Foundation Deadlines at year end to be reimbursed timely.
  2. Open an RT ticket for General Accounting to process your reimbursement via ACH Wire, here RT Ticket
    • RT Ticket Purpose: “Send Transactions to Central Departments”
    • Send Request Type “R*STARS Receivable – Funds TO UMBC”
  3. For The Departmental Deposits, depending on your accounting needs use the following:
1113, “YOUR” Department,  000, 4864908, UMBC1, 00005145, MAIN
1113, “YOUR” Department, 171, 7129900, UMBC1, 00005145, MAIN

After the Project 00005145 balance is zero, there is no need for more journals. This deposit will make the Project zero.


Reimbursed from State Funding

If the funding is not coming from the USM Foundation, and is coming from State Funding, for example, please submit a journal entry to transfer the cost.

JOURNAL ENTRY (State Funding)
CREDIT: – 1113, “YOUR” Dept, 171, 7129900, UMBC1, 00005145, MAIN
DEBIT:  + 1111, “Paying” Dept, 171, 7129900 (May be your State Funds or other funds.)


Locate the details of the Student Information:

  • Self-Support and Aux. Project Report in REX Finance.  Look for Project 00005145
  • When running the report, the REX Finance Expense column allows for drill down to see the Student information.  If you do not recognize the student, please reach out to Financial Aid.


Scholarships must be covered by the end of the semester which the scholarship is applied.