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New Department/Reorganization

As UMBC’s needs expands, department and colleges may realize they need to create, inactivate, or reorganize departments to suit their needs.

Initiate Request

Complete the Docusign Request Form to start the process.  Some questions included on the form:

    • What is name of new Department
    • Will this be effective for the next Fiscal Year or Current Fiscal Year?
    • Will this new department have State funding?
    • What will the main purpose of this department be (research, instruction, public service..)
    • Questions about Position Funding and if any positions will reside in this new department.

Reviewing the Request

There will be ample vetting for the response to each question, so please use the best judgement when completing the form with the understanding that Financial Services will assist with additional information.

The Provost/President’s Memo should be included on the request if this is a *NEW* Department Request.

Once the Docusign Form is signed, it will be vetted by Financial Services to review Security in Finance and/or Human Resource, and impacts on REX.

After Request is Updated

Financial Services works closely with PeopleSoft Human Resources(HR) to update that system immediately following PeopleSoft Finance.  Then all other systems are notified via a “myUMBC Group for Departmental Reorganizations“.

REX Finance is updated the following evening, and will reflect the new Department or organization for any year.   Any changes may affect REX Report Subscriptions.

Additional Forms from Campus Department to make this department functional:

    1. Security Forms (Adding Department Approvers / Adding Department to Entry)
    2. PeopleSoft HR Security Forms / PAR Forms / Payroll Forms (for Payroll Preparers to have access or if positions need to move to new Department)

Updated February 26, 2020