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New Department/Reorganization

Briefly state the purpose of the request?

  • What is name of new Department
  • Will this be effective for the next Fiscal Year or immediately ?
  • Will this new department have State funding?
  • What will the main purpose of this department be (research, instruction, public service..)
  • Will it have payroll / positions?
  • Will this new department have funding on positions?
  • What department id will this new department roll up to?

Depending on the department requesting the change, Approvals are: Department > Assistant Dean/Dean/AVP or VP / Provost > President of the UMBC.

Once the President’s Memo is received by Financial Services, PeopleSoft Finance is updated.

Then PeopleSoft Human Resources(HR) is notified to update the system.

Then all other systems are notified.


Additional Forms from Campus Department to make this department functional:

  1. PeopleSoft Finance Security Forms (Adding Department Approvers / Adding Department to Entry)
  2. PeopleSoft HR Security Forms / PAR Forms / Payroll Forms (for Payroll Preparers to have access or if positions need to move to new Department)
  3. Updated March 8, 2019