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Week of 10.15.19

PAW Procurement System (PPS) preparation:

The campus launch date of November 1st is quickly approaching for the new online purchasing and payables system: Paw Procurement System (PPS). To ease the transition, the Procurement Department will be recreating current PeopleSoft purchase orders in Paw Procurement System, eliminating the need for departments to reenter information. To assist Procurement, please review:

ALL of your department’s open purchase orders to determine whether the order will require additional receipts to be entered for the transaction. Please indicate if the purchase order is for an ongoing contracted service, a one-time purchase, or is a blanket purchase order. Once your list of POs to be recreated is compiled, create a ticket that includes the list in Financial Accounting & Reporting queue. The Procurement Department will work with you on the transfer of the applicable purchase orders.

It is imperative that the list is received by Financial Accounting & Reporting by 10/24/19 as all POs not included on a list WILL BE CLOSED IN PEOPLESOFT along with their associated requisitions, with no exceptions. As a result, if a Department determines that the purchase order is still needed, it will need to be reentered by the Department in Paw Procurement System.

Questions: RT Form

Reminder: 10.15.19 was the cut off date for all requisitions and receipts

Week of 7.15.19

*NEW* Functionality : Delete “Own” Journals

Chart of Account List and Descriptions FY20

To COA Link

Campus Workcenter – Query Viewer and Process Monitor Link

Week of 5.13.19
Campus Workcenter now has Query Viewer and Process Monitor available for convenience.

Grant Detail Report – Invoice Number

Week of 5.6.19

PeopleSoft Finance’s Grant Detail Report’s Invoice field  now eliminates the extra leading zeros on Pcard transaction under the Invoice column.


Rule to prevent transfer accounts on certain transactions:

Week of 4.29.19