Removing / Inactivating Departments

Updated September 2, 2021

Departments in PeopleSoft Systems are integrated with many areas, so when a College or Unit decides to inactivate a department, there are some steps to take to make it as clean as possible. This is an attempt at a checklist to inactivate the department.  Depending on the time of year, the department may be phased out, then inactivated when all criteria are met.


– Journals are needed to clear the department to be zero.
Financial Services, in coordination with the campus department, will use 5833710 on both sides of the entry for previous year balances.
This will update Net Assets at the Fiscal Year end.

– If there are any grants on this department, the grants will need to be complete before the department can be inactivated.


SBS- Finance 3rd Floor

– Are there any daily/weekly/monthly transactions that might be in Cashnet on this old department?


Procurement / Pcard

– Please check that all Purchase orders are closed for the department that needs to be inactivated.
– If there are open, active Purchase orders, please do change orders to move remaining balance to new department OR request that the old Purchase order is closed. Then open a new Requisition on the new department for the remaining balance.
– Please confirm with the Pcard holders, that this department is not the ‘default’ for their chartstring.


Internal Process for Campus Department

-Please have a plan in place to stop using the department that you would like inactivated.
E.g. If you have an internal form for deposits that have the department on it, please update your forms for the next deposit.

– If this department is used for any internal campus billing, such as Phone charges or Facility Management Charges, please update any associated billing departments.


– REX Finance reports will show activity for an inactive department. REX will stop displaying the department in question in the new Fiscal Year assuming the amounts are 0.00 on EVERY account related to the department and AFTER the Fiscal Year has been closed.


– Payroll Preparer will need to move any Positions from the old department to the new Department, prior to the Department becoming inactive.
– Payroll Preparer will need to update the funding Source for any positions using online DBEs.

Budget Office

– Prerequisite to this task: Payroll.
– Please update your Budget Worksheet before submitting them to Budget office.

Student Related Items

– If this department is used for any fees or items on campus, please open an RT ticket, so Financial Services can work with Student Administration: RT Ticket

Does your old department live on this list? A-Z Index
If yes, please contact the Helpdesk after you have completed everything within PeopleSoft HR first.

Final Steps
– Once the campus department is inactivated, it will inactivate the department id in PeopleSoft HR, PeopleSoft Student Administration as well as PeopleSoft Finance. A notification will go out from Financial Services reiterating this change at the beginning of the next Fiscal Year.
– PeopleSoft Finance Security and PeopleSoft HR Security will be made aware for their records.



REX Finance Support

After a change to the tree, such as a reorganization, there sometimes is extra work for the REX Finance Support group to do.  This includes REX Finance trees, and or subscriptions.

PeopleSoft Finance Support

After a change to the tree, such as a reorganization, there sometimes is extra work for support to review individual security for Pcard or Approval.

Inventory / Asset Management

After a department is inactivated or created, please take appropriate steps to update the Property Custodian List and/or Updated the department associated on existing assets. (Among other internal processes.)