Retro – Issues Moving Funding

When entering a Retro for an employee’s position, please remember to enter a single Retro, for a single employee, for a single funding source during the Pay Period.

Example :

Mrs. Smith worked during payroll 2017001.
Mrs. Smith is paid from four different funding sources (on one or more positions).
The business manager realized that two of the funding sources are incorrect, but not until the week of Payroll 2017009.


During Payroll 2017009, one RETRO can be entered to fix the first incorrect funding source on one position.
During Payroll 2017010, another RETRO can be entered to fix the second incorrect funding source.

The RETROs must be done in separate Payrolls, because the system will reshuffle the employee’s E-N-T-I-R-E distribution for Payroll 2017001 when trying to calculate the RETRO. It cannot reshuffle more than once for 2017001 in this situation.