Fund 9999 within PAWS (DRAFT)

I. Policy for Capital Equipment
II. Definitions

PAW Procurement System is UMBC’s new Procurement System. Visit Procurement’s website for details.

Fund 4120 is “Plant Unrestricted Funds”.   Starting November 1st, this fund will require a Project Id.

Fund 9999 is “Plant Restricted External Funds”. The source of these funds are external from UMBC, so it will be available within the PAWS Procurement system and will not flow into PeopleSoft Finance*.   Exception: USM office may request that UMBC pay the item, which will require reimbursement to UMBC after Proof of Payment.  This will require a PAW Payment Request Fund 4120 in PAW, and the payment be tracked by Asset Management.

“CAPPJ” stands for Capital Project.  The indicator CAPPJ will no longer be available in PAW or PeopleSoft, but the business process will be incorporated.

Contracts that replace the old CAPPJ POs are reserved for tracking:

  • Facility Renewal & Replacement
  • Revenue Bonds
  • Capital Asset / Equipment
  • New Building / Renovations
  • Infrastructure
  • Equipment Loan
  • These types of PO’s will not normally have receipts entered within PeopleSoft Finance–these are paid by Asset Management

Due to the requirements on these types of activities, UMBC’s Plant Accounting, Facilities Management, Procurement Departments work with the State of Maryland and other stakeholders.

Purchase Orders as it relates to Capital items, are reserved for tracking:

  • Facility Renewal & Replacement
  • Capital Asset / Equipment
  • Renovations


III. Business Process (Work-in Progress)

When a PAWS Contract is created, there can be multiple Funds listed in Chartstrings.  Once the Invoice is created from the Contract, Invoices with:

  • Fund 1111, 1112, 1113 – will flow into PeopleSoft Finance
  • Fund 4120 – will flow into PeopleSoft Finance
  • Fund 9999 – will *NOT* come into PeopleSoft Finance.  It will *NOT* appear as an expense in the General Ledger.   This business process is needed in order for Asset Management and Facilities Management to manage the payment.
  • Separation on Invoices is critical:     If a department is paying for a portion of the item on their operating chartstring a separate Invoice will need to be created in PAWS to allow for complete separation of Fund 9999.


IV. How to create a new Construction / Renovation / Maintenance Project ID # (for Accounting Purposes)

Complete Project Request Form(Docusign)

V. How to manage Construction / Renovation / Maintenance Project

Asset Management Department within Financial Services manages construction projects along with Facilities Management.  Limited campus reports are available for the current business processes.

Construction Projects might include multiple fund combinations, for example:

Fund 9999 / 4120

Fund 4120 / 1112


VI. What reports will show transactions.

“Budget to Actuals” and “Self Support” REX Finance reports will show Revenue and Expense account transactions for 1111, 1112, 1113, 4120.

TBD= PAWS Report will show Contract, Requisition, Payment Request Information.  Procurement Website: here


VII. Accounts Permitted on Fund 9999 / 4120