Project Request Form-Docusign

“New” Project Request

1) Complete Project Request Form (Docusign).

2) Select Project Request Type

3) Select Fund  –  Purpose (Pfin)  –  Department

Click here for additional information on PFins.

    • *NEW* Select  NSF Science Codes  if PFin 021 “Research” is selected.
    • For Example “I.01-2016   Other Sciences”

4) Enter Budget on page 2.

5) For Overhead, please enter 0.00 Zero.

6) HR Combo Codes will *only* be created if there is Budgeted Salary

7) Upon Final Departmental Approval,  an RT ticket will be automatically opened in a dedicated Financial Services Queue.   Process takes about 2-5 business days.

Update “Department ID” on Existing Project

As UMBC’s needs expands, departments may realize they need to create, inactivate, or reorganize projects to suit their needs. Please see this Checklist to Modify Department on Project

Update Program Fin “PFin” on Existing Project

Update / Correct PFin to reflect spending more accurately.

Inactivate or Close a Project 

  • Attach a Self Support REX Report showing the 7/1/202x – current period
  • Please be sure there is NO EQUIPMENT associated with the Project, or transfer before inactivating
  • The REX Report must have a 0.00 balance.
  • NEW! Check in PAW for any unpaid/pending invoices (see below)
  • Open an RT ticket for Financial Services



Search in PAW for Unpaid/Pending Invoices Before Submitting Project Close Request