Payroll Accounting

Payroll Accounting (Commitment Acct) Department manages the university’s Payroll Distribution, fundamental DBE and Retro Training, PeopleSoft Human Resources Commitment Accounting Security. The following webpages include documentation, videos, and instructions.

Payroll Distribution Calendar – click Icon to download. Includes current Fiscal Year and several past Fiscal Years
“DBE” Department Budget Earnings – click Icon to review instructions and resources to set the funding chartstring for the position.

“RETRO” Retroactive Distribution – click Icon to review instructions how to resolve when “DBE” Funding source is incorrect, and the funding needs to be retroactively corrected.

Payroll Overpayment – click Icon to review instructions for Campus Payroll Preparers to work with UMBC Human Resources, UMBC Financial Services, and the State of Maryland Central Payroll Bureau.

Payroll Accruals – click Icon for Quarterly and Annual Payroll Accruals journals and associated calculations.