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Y E A R – E N D    2 0 2 1     D E A D L I N E S


*JOIN*: Using your UMBC email account, *JOIN* Deadline Calendar for Reminders

INFO: Please coordinate with your Shared Service Center to observe earlier deadlines.


June 1, 2021

















FY21 Requisitions must be approved by Department Approver by COB.

Requisition / Purchase Order after deadline or with *Unforeseen Issues*  may appear as an encumbrance in FY21.

Ideally, this deadline is enough time for item to be Shipped then “Received in PAW” to post as an expense in FY21 — barring any *Unforeseen Issues*  or missing items below:

  • Items not “Received in PAW” by “Receipt for Goods & Services Deadline”, will be FY21 Encumbrance, which will roll into the next Fiscal Year.
  • “Receipt” more closely determines what Fiscal Year the Expense will appear.  See “Receipts for Goods & Services Deadline” below.

FY22 Requisition: Start entering July 1, 2021.

Elizabeth Moss



June 7, 2021 Budget Amendments Email Budget Amendments to adjust the FY21 budget to the Budget Office. Marlo Zeroth
June 7, 2021
Payroll – Retro Payroll 2021-025 is Final Payroll in FY21 to accept Retros.

Payroll 2022-002 will be next payroll allowing retros. Click HERE for Calendar

Rebecca Struckmeier
June 17, 2021 Payment Request Payment Request must be approved by Department Approver by COB.

All payment requests submitted after the deadline will be recorded in the next Fiscal Year or if there are any *Unforeseen State Delays*

Processing Payment Requests will resume July 1, 2021. Click HERE for Instruction

RT: Get Help >General Question>AP
June 17, 2021 Travel
Travel reimbursement expenses received after deadline will be recorded in next fiscal year or if there are any *Unforeseen State Delays*.

Review UMBC’s Travel Policy and Procedures.

RT: Get Help >General Question>AP

*June 18, 2021

June 29, 2021










Pcard PURCHASE for FY21 should be made by PURCHASE deadline.

*CONTINUE TO USE PCARD. Transactions after deadline may post in FY22.


  • Reallocate transactions loaded on June 21-29 daily after 11:00am.
  • Reallocate until June 29 at 11:59 PM.

If UMBC experiences unforeseen bank delays this week, any unallocated transactions will post to the default chartstring on June 30, 2021.

Any Pcard charges after Reallocation Deadline will be in next Fiscal Year.

NOTE: Reallocation of both May and June charges will be required in order to meet year-end fiscal deadlines with the State of Maryland.

Elizabeth Moss



June 21, 2021

Receipts for Goods & Services Enter FY21 Receipts along with invoices / supporting documents to AP.

  • If item is not “Received in PAW” by the “Receipt for Goods & Services Deadline”, Encumbrance will roll into next Fiscal Year.
  • “Receipts” that miss deadline or are missing the invoices or supporting documents will be paid in the next Fiscal Year. Click HERE for Instructions.
RT: Get Help >General Question>AP
June 21, 2021 Off-Campus
Billing Invoice
Please email Off-Campus billing request forms to Contact by deadline.
Click HERE for Off-Campus Billing webpage.
Jasmine Zacharias
June 21, 2021 Payroll – DBE’s Payroll DBE for PR 2021-026 must be completed online by COB.
Click HERE “Straddle Fiscal-Year” DBE Instructions.
Rebecca Struckmeier
June 21, 2021 Working Fund Working Fund checks issued by COB on deadline will be recorded as expenditures for FY21, *only* if the check has been reconciled. (All paperwork, receipts and/or money has been returned to the Working Fund Custodian.) RT: Get Help >General Question>AP
June 23, 2021 Inventory & Plant Accounting All DocuSign inventory changes, additions, or disposition requests must be picked up by Student Workforce by deadline to be recorded in FY21. Click HERE for Inventory webpage.

When UMBC reopens, schedule time to pick up official Property Tags.

Tina Carter-Brown
June 23, 2021 R*STARS
Inter-agency Payment
R*STARS Payment Transactions must be approved by Departmental Approver by COB.

Be sure to include required items to ensure item gets into FY21:

Click HERE for Instructions.

RT: Get Help >General Question>AP
June 23, 2021 Foundation Reimbursement Visit USM Foundation for NOON Reimbursement Details USM Foundation.

Please complete RT ticket when USM eDRF has been submitted.

RT Foundation Wire

Restricted Funds
June 24, 2021


Unrestricted Funds
June 30, 2021

Journal Entry Earlier deadline for Restricted Funds: 1114,1115,1253.

Journals must be approved by Department Approver by COB of deadline.

“Journal Date” dictates the Fiscal Year, please back-date journal to 6/30 for Unrestricted Journals for FY21. Click HERE for Instructions to backdate Journal.

Join Deadline Calendar
June 29, 2021 Cash Receipts / Deposits Cash receipts / received on or before deadline must be delivered to Student Business Services, 300 Administration Building. Click for SBS Departmental Deposit webpage.

  • Everything must be received by 12:00 PM NOON

For departments that process their own deposits, paperwork for deposits pertaining to FY21 must be received by Student Business Services (SBS) by deadline. Any items received after the cutoff times will be posted to next Fiscal Year.

Vanchon Brooks

June 30, 2021

Various This is the Campus Department Journal Deadline including Spreadsheet Billing. Department approver must approve by this date.

Central Departments will have the following available for REX Finance Reports: Payroll Accrual, Aux. Admin Overhead, and Deferred Summer Revenue by deadline.

Rebecca Struckmeier

July 1, 2021

Payroll – DBE Payroll- DBE FY22 is open. Click here for “Straddle Fiscal-Year” DBE Instructions Rebecca Struckmeier

Happy 4th of July Weekend !!!
July 15, 2021

State Deadline

Inter-agency Receipt
Departments expecting transactions from another State agency must coordinate directly with that agency to ensure processing. Call the applicable agency directly to verify that the agency has posted each transaction.Highly Recommended: Coordinate with agencies ~2 weeks prior to the State’s deadline rather than waiting to see if your receipt is processed.

Once received by State Deadline, transactions will be recorded in PeopleSoft Finance by July 16, 2021 to be included in FY21 if R*Stars Notice RT ticket is complete.

Please follow instructions for the R*Stars Notice RT Ticket: Here.

RT: “R*STARS Receivable – Funds for UMBC”